1lb Ancho Chili Dried Peppers, Whole Dried Chile Mexican Peppers, Dried Mexico Chiles for Tasty Cooking Recipes by 1400s Spices

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  • Just a little kick – These ancho chilies are the right choice when it comes to cooking a great chile soup or you just one to spice the atmosphere a little with a mild enchilada sauce.
  • Savoury with a twist – Not too much, just a little over 1,300 in the Scoville scale, the aromatic spice in these mild dried peppers is suitable for those who want to taste an authentic chicken crispitos but don’t want to wash the taste away with milk.
  • Whole dried – 1400s Spices dried ancho chilies are the right choice for every chili pepper dishes. If you fancy some enchilada sauce, Tacos al Pastor, or you just want some ancho chili sauce, we got you covered with these Mexican peppers.
  • The real deal – We offer only natural products, reliable dry chili peppers with a bold aroma, suitable for when you want to taste that authentic Mexican cooking.
  • Less is more – Guaranteed flavorful spices, nothing else added. Excellent dried chilies used for sauces, chili powders, or general cooking.