1lb Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks from Sri Lanka, True Cinnamon Stick, Canela Entera.

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  • Satisfaction guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, just contact us and we’ll refund your order in full
  • Unique taste: One of the best parts about our bulk cinnamon sticks is their floral, soft, and citrusy aromatic properties. The first pick for most chefs, the delicate, soft, and buttery Ceylon cinnamon stick is perfect for stews, curries, pastries, and multiple recipes
  • Naturally harvested: The true cinnamon is harvested after about two years of growth. The inner bark is removed and later cut into strips, rolled into quills, and ultimately dried into what you will receive directly on your table
  • Natural color: Our 5 inches ceylon cinnamon are filled and composed of layers of cinnamon bark. With a light brown or tan color, it is lighter in flavor and rarer by variety
  • Mexican Cinnamon sticks are actually Ceylon Cinnamon sticks imported almost exclusively from the Island of Sri Lanka. Mexico does not grow Cinnamon

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