1lb Chipotle Meco Chiles, Dried Whole Smoked Peppers by 1400s Spices

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  • Prepare Delicious Meals: Impressing your family and friends with flavorful home-cooked meals is all about using finest quality ingredients. When it comes to meco chile peppers, 1400S Spices has exactly what you need!
  • Medium Heat Pepper: This smoked pepper is considered to have a medium heat flavor profile, being ideal for people who enjoy spicy dishes and pampering their taste buds with unique culinary experiences.
  • Superb Notes: This dried pepper features smoky notes with delicate spicy and fruity sub-notes, adding a sublime earthy heat to a wide variety of dishes belonging to Mexican or international cuisine!
  • Pairs With Meat and Veggies: The 1400s Spices hot pepper works excellently alongside beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, cheese, truly revealing its taste when paired with honey, Mexican oregano, parsley, sage and other earthy condiments!