1lb Hibiscus Flowers perfect for Tea and Mexican Agua Fresca, Flor de Jamaica, Whole Flowers and Petals by 1400s Spices

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  • Beverage-Making: Aside from the famous Red Zinger Tea, which is a staple beverage in itself, you will impress everyone with your agua de jamaica, made from 1400S SPICES Hibiscus Flowers
  • Your Cooking Secret: Edible dried hibiscus flowers are extensively used in Indian and Mexican cuisine. Impress your guests with the unique aroma of your Indian sauces and marinades. Add 1400S SPICES Hibiscus Flowers to your favorite quesadilla, enchilada or even taco recipe and marvel at the result
  • Healthy And Beneficial: In Ayurveda, dried Hibiscus Flowers have been used for its healing properties for thousands of years, treating emaciation, dysmenorrhea, hair loss and for strengthening the heart muscle. Their beneficial effects on heightened blood pressure are scientifically recognized


At 1400S SPICES, we rely on nature to provide us the best and the purest of its treasures. Our mission is to provide you with the benefits of nature through our products, which will in turn reflect on your health and well being.

Why is this product for you?

For millennia, hibiscus flowers and petals have been used as medicinal herb in Ayurveda, for its astounding benefits. Also known as Flor de Jamaica, it is an essential ingredient for popular beverages such as Red Zinger tea, Agua de Jamaica and certain exclusive cocktails. Edible hibiscus flowers are indispensable for cooking Indian, Mexican and Middle-Eastern dishes.

Enjoy the best nature has to offer with 1400S SPICES Hibiscus Flowers!