8oz Dried Pasado Chili Peppers, Chile Pasado by 1400s Spices


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  • Pasados are fresh green chiles that are roasted
  • Spice Level, Dried Pasado Chili Peppers are perfect for adding spice to your cooking. They range in heat from 500 to 2,500 on the Scoville Scale, making them a milder chili pepper.
  • Flavor, Dried Pasado Chili Peppers are a unique pepper that delivers a smoky flavor with a mild heat. Pasado chili peppers also have a sweet taste with a concentrated flavor that will add depth to your dish.
  • Uses, Pasado chili peppers are the perfect ingredient for salsas, blended and mixed into sauces, or combined into fillings for tamales. Pasado chili peppers are also great in meat marinades, or as a dry rub on grilled meats.